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When Is The Right Time To Choose A Ductless System

The inside of a house

Knowing the right time to install the proper system can be difficult, but our MSP team is here to help. We are committed to your comfort because we understand that Minnesota weather can be TOUGH. That’s why our team has listed out the proper times to install a ductless system. Continue reading to find out when that is!

Outside of house

Older Home

If you have an older home without ductwork, a ductless system is perfect for you! Until the innovation of ductless systems, homeowners had to resort to window units to heat and cool their homes. Ductless systems can be quickly and easily installed without the need for ductwork to be retrofitted. This allows you to keep the charm of your older home without having to completely renovate your current home. Ductless systems and older homes are a match made in heaven!

Woman reading feet on radiator

Radiator or Boiler Heating

If your home has a radiator or boiler, you can easily add A/C with a ductless system! A ductless system can be quickly installed without any destruction to your home. An additional advantage to ductless systems is no usable floor space in your home will be lost.

Living Room

Single Room Use

If you recently added on to your home, finished off your basement or attic, or have a particular room that just isn’t very comfortable, a ductless system will provide instant comfort. Ductless systems allow you to heat or cool individual rooms with indoor units all connecting to the outdoor unit. Every single indoor unit will have a remote to control the desired temperature.

If you think your home would benefit from a ductless system, give our MSP team a call. We are committed to your comfort and providing relief from the TOUGH Minnesota weather. Give our team a call today at (651) 228-9200!