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Should You Turn Off Your Heat at Night?

If you’re like many people, you’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of turning off your heat at night as a way to lower your heating bills. However, this is typically not a viable option for most homeowners, especially when outside temperatures are cold — and if they plunge below freezing, you could end up with more significant problems than just being cold.

In this post, we’ll explore the question of “Should you turn off your heat at night?” further. The following are the major drawbacks of turning your heat off at night:

A better course of action would be to turn your heat down instead of off and to find more innovative ways to save on energy costs. Read on for more information about why this isn’t a good idea and what you can do instead.

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Decreased Comfort

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Waking up in a freezing house is quite unpleasant. Even if you pile on the blankets or use a heated comforter, you’ll still have to put your feet on that ice-cold floor sooner or later, especially if you’re on a strict work schedule or have to get the kids off to school. Dealing with cranky children who are reluctant to get out of bed on cold mornings isn’t much fun either. As you probably already know, nighttime winter temperatures in the Twin Cities can reach well below freezing. Indoor temperatures drop quickly once the heat is turned off — the warmer it is inside, the faster the temperature will drop once the thermostat has been switched off for the night.

Turning your heat off at night may also result in decreased amount and quality of sleep, which can negatively affect your health, mood, and cognitive functioning. You’ll be better able to deal with whatever the day brings if you’re rested and refreshed.

Risk of Frozen Pipes

Minneapolis and St. Paul are known for their low winter temperatures. Because of this, the risk of frozen pipes is very real.

Water expands when it freezes, and when it freezes in your pipes, it can cause them to burst. Not only will you have to replace or repair the pipes, but you probably also have a good deal of water damage to contend with after the water escapes from the broken pipes and floods your home. The average cost of repairing/replacing damaged pipes and dealing with water damage is over $5,000.

Limited Energy Savings

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The energy savings you’ll get from turning off your heat at night aren’t worth the added potential for costly complications. Winters in the Upper Midwest are nothing to fool around with, and there are far smarter strategies to saving on energy costs that won’t leave you sluggish and unfocused the next day or pose the risk of household damage. Here’s what you can do:

Turn Down the Heat 7-10 Degrees Instead

White Honeywell thermostat affixed to a beige colored wall and that is displaying 73 degrees on it's lit up LCD screen.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners can save on utility bills by turning down their thermostats before they go to sleep and during the daytime hours when/if no one is home. You can save an average of 1% on energy costs for every degree reduced on your thermostat. Setting the thermometer eight degrees lower before you turn in at night may save you as much as $180 per year on your utility bill.

However, like most people, you probably lead a busy life, and it can be tough to remember to lower the thermostat before going to sleep or leaving the house. A programmable thermostat can make this happen automatically — call MSP Plumbing Heating Air today for more information.

Get a Heating Tune-Up

A furnace that’s tuned up, well-maintained, and otherwise good to go for the winter season will run more smoothly and efficiently than its neglected counterpart — and the difference shows not only in household comfort levels but also on your monthly utility bill. Scheduling a maintenance checkup before winter sets in also minimizes your chances of unexpected malfunctions just when you need your furnace to work its hardest.

Get a Reliable HVAC Repair or Thermostat Installation with MSP

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