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How To Keep Your Home Warm For Less This Winter

Winter is upon us, which means if you are not prepared your home may see a rise in heating expenses over the next few months if you are not being proactive about your home’s comfort. However, you don’t need high utility bills in order to stay warm and cozy this winter. Below we have rounded up a few tips that will help keep your home warm this winter without spending a fortune!

Hang Heavy, Durable Window Curtains

Thin sheers that you may have hanging up during the summer months aren’t going to do you any good during the winter. It’s time to switch out those thin sheers for heavy drapes. Drapes will help keep the warm air in and that chilly breeze out. Make sure you open them during the day as well, so you can let natural light warm up your home!

Consider Using a Smart Thermostat

The right thermostat can make a HUGE difference in your home this winter. A smart thermostat learns your family's habits and allows you to adjust the temperature in your home depending on your family's schedule. This way you are not heating an unoccupied home, which helps you save money.

Use Throw Rugs in Rooms With Hard-Surface Floors

Throw rugs aren’t only for looks! They can also help insulate your home during those chilly months of the year. How? Well, when you place throw rugs down on let’s say wood floors, it helps reduce any drafts between the floorboards!

Change The Direction Of Your Ceiling Fan

Most people forget about this super easy and quick tip! During the winter, reverse your fan’s rotation to push cool air upward and mix with the rising heat. The mixed air will then spread downward, warming the room.

Make Sure Your Furniture Isn’t Covering Any Ventilation Ducts

Double-check that your furniture is not blocking any of your vents. Furniture that covers an HVAC register is preventing your home from getting a proper flow of heat. This is especially important if you have baseboard heating, which can lead to a fire if blocked.

Get a Furnace Tune-Up From MSP

It can be hard to tell if your system is working at full efficiency, especially if it's been slowly losing power over the years. If you want to keep your house toasty this winter, give our team a call today to come check and tune-up your furnace! A system breakdown in the middle of winter can be quite a headache and can add on an unexpected cost.

By following these tips you can remain warm and cozy at home without having to worry about your next utility bill. Our team at MSP is prepared to keep you COMFORTABLE this winter! Give us a call today at (651) 346-0234 to get your furnace tune-up TODAY!