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How Much Does an Air Conditioner Repair Cost in Minneapolis‑St. Paul?

Uh-oh. Stuck with a busted AC?

You’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost to fix it. We’ll do our best to give you an idea of what you’ll end up paying.

In Minneapolis-St. Paul, the cost to repair an air conditioner ranges from $100 to $1,000+.

We know—that’s a big range. But that’s because what you’ll end up paying depends on these cost factors…

  • What’s broken
  • Your warranty
  • The contractor you choose

Let’s go into more detail about each of these cost factors so you can get a better idea of what you’ll end up paying for your repair

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Cost factor #1: What’s broken

An AC repair involves 2 aspects:

  1. The cost of the part (if it needs to be replaced)
  2. The labor to replace or fix the broken part

Your repair could be super easy and inexpensive to fix, or it could be very complex and costly. But without looking at your air conditioner, it’s impossible for us to tell how much you’ll pay.

We know that’s not a very helpful answer, so we’ll share some common AC repairs we see here in the Twin Cities area along with their average repair prices. Below is the list, from most expensive to least expensive:

  • Replacing or repairing AC compressor: $1,350 to $1,800
  • Replacing or repairing evaporator coil: $650 to $1,600
  • Detecting and repairing refrigerant leak: $225 to $1,600
  • Fixing or replacing circuit board: $120 to $1,100
  • Fixing or replacing capacitor: $90 to $400
  • Repairing or replacing the fan motor: $100 to $600
  • Repairing or replacing thermostat: $60 to $650

Note: These prices factor in the cost of the part and labor.

Cost factor #2: Your warranty

If you have a valid warranty, it could reduce the overall cost of your AC repair. You see, most standard warranties cover faulty parts (for 1–5 years) that fail because of a manufacturer defect.

But beware! Many homeowners will accidentally void their AC warranty by making 1 of these 2 common mistakes...

  • You didn’t have an authorized technician maintain your air conditioner annually
  • You didn’t register your air conditioner with the manufacturer when you first had it installed

If you made 1 of those 2 common mistakes, then your warranty may not be considered valid, which means you’d be responsible for the full cost of the repair.

Have an extended warranty? Then your parts may be covered up to 10+ years, depending on your warranty. You probably paid more upfront for this kind of warranty, but the good news is extended warranties can sometimes cover the part AND labor to replace the part, which could mean you don’t have to come out of pocket at all for the repair.

Tip: If you don’t know what kind of warranty you have, follow these steps:

  • Look for your warranty in the paperwork you receive when your air conditioner was installed
  • Search for your warranty through the manufacturer's website
  • Contact the contractor who installed your air conditioner and have them look for your warranty

Cost factor #3: The contractor you hire

The contractor you hire to repair your AC can affect price in 2 ways:

  1. How they charge
  2. Their level of experience and skill

1. How the contractor charges

When you hire a contractor to repair your AC they’ll visit your home and diagnose the problem in person.

Most contractors charge a diagnostic fee (also called a trip charge) just to figure out the problem, which ranges from $75 to $150. Depending on the contractor, they may waive this fee if you choose them to repair the AC.

After a technician diagnoses the problem, they’ll give you an estimate on the cost of the repair based on how they charge for their services.

Contractors charge by either:

  • Hourly pricing
  • Fixed-rate pricing

We’ll explain both below:

Hourly pricing

A contractor who charges by the hour factors in the cost of the part, plus the number of hours it takes to complete the project.

For example, contractor A charges $400 to replace a worn capacitor. The capacitor is $300 and it takes 1 hour to fix it (they charge $100 per hour for labor).

Fixed-rate pricing

Conversely, a contractor who charges a fixed rate for their repairs bundles the price into one figure that stays constant—regardless of how many hours of labor the job requires (hence the name “fixed”).

For example, contractor B charges $400 to replace a worn capacitor, even if it takes them 2 hours to replace it.

Just be aware in the beginning of how the contractor charges so you know what to expect when you get the bill.

2. The contractor’s quality

Higher quality contractors are more expensive, but they’re also better. Getting your AC repaired correctly the first time can save you the hassle of having to pay for the same repair down the road, and it can extend the life of your AC.

To find a good contractor, make sure the HVAC company you choose is…

  • Licensed and insured to carry out repairs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area
  • Well-respected by customers (check their online customer reviews)
  • Experienced (how long have they been in business?)

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