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4 Reasons You Should Be Using a Two‑Stage Air Conditioner in Minnesota

Customers often ask us which air conditioning system is best for the unique Minnesota climate: a single-stage or two-stage.

We usually suggest a two-stage air conditioner.

You see, single-stage ACs have only one speed (high).

But two-stage AC systems can change between two speeds: high and low. They are designed to run at high speed on really hot days and low speed on days with more moderate temperatures.

When working at their lower speed, two-stage AC’s will run longer in order to cool your home.

And this is better for several reasons...

Reason 1: They provide more even temperatures

Because they run for long periods of time, two-stage air conditioners push air out almost constantly. This better circulates your air, preventing the house from getting stuffy and eliminating uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Reason 2: They use less electricity

There are two ways a two-stage air conditioner conserves energy:

  1. They do not turn on and off as much. Like your car, an AC system uses much less energy when they are continuously running than when they are powering on and off repeatedly.
  2. They use a lower speed. 2-stage systems run on “low” mode 80% of the time. This lower speed uses much less energy.

Reason 3: They remove more humidity

Two-stage air conditioners can remove twice as much humidity from the air inside your home.

All air conditioners remove humidity from your air. But because 2-stage AC’s run longer, they can remove even more humidity and create drier air in your home.

Reason 4: They live longer

Two-stage systems have a longer life because they are not powering on and off as much as a single-stage air conditioner.

Cycling on and off constantly puts more pressure on the system, causing more wear and tear and also makes a single-stage system more susceptible to damaged parts. And you don’t want to be stuck without a functioning air conditioner in the middle of a Minnesota summer!

Find out if a two-stage air conditioner is right for your home

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a two-stage air conditioner, call us for a free estimate.