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When Can I Get a Deal on a New Air Conditioner and Furnace?

If you are a proactive homeowner who doesn’t wait for equipment failure, and understands that you are on borrowed time in the foreseeable future. Well a question I’m often asked is when is the best time of year to replace this equipment so I can get the best deal?

Well the Spring and Fall is the simple answer to your question. The why, is because your equipment isn’t stressed at this time. This means guys like me are typically sitting around writing a blog, taking our vacation time, versus solving our client’s problems to their home comfort issues.

The following happens at our company 2 to 3 times every year. We get a call into the office in the middle of July for a furnace replacement. It’s a person who knows his equipment is on borrowed time and wants to get it replaced, and it’s the opposite of the heating season. They thought that this would be a great time to buy a furnace. Using the same logic as like buying a lawn mower should be cheaper in the middle of January, and if you’re wondering, yes, we get the air conditioner only calls in January too.

Well in the furnace and air conditioning business, in the middle of July we are busy doing air conditioners, so our time is as just as much a premium for a furnace as it is in January. If you have been looking to make a change Spring and Fall is the best time.

The moral of the story is, act now for furnace and air conditioner equipment replacement, because like those silly car commercials, this really is the time for deals, Deals, DEALS!