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2 Ways You’re Using Your Ceiling Fans Wrong

You probably use your ceiling fans every day to stay cool during the summer.

Unfortunately, most homeowners use their ceiling fans incorrectly, which raises their summer energy bills and makes them even more uncomfortable.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should avoid these 2 ceiling fan mistakes:

  1. Leaving your ceiling fan set on the wrong direction
  2. Using your ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms

Mistake #1: Leaving your ceiling fan set on the wrong direction

Did you know your ceiling fan has 2 settings?

It’s true: Your ceiling fan has a switch that controls the direction of the fan blades. Depending on the season, you should run your fan either clockwise or counterclockwise:

If you have your ceiling fan set to the wrong direction in summer, you’ll actually be more uncomfortable because a fan that spins clockwise makes you feel warmer.

How to fix this mistake:

Go to your ceiling fan and find the direction switch. Make sure it’s set to counterclockwise (down) during the summer.

You’ll know if you set the fan correctly to counterclockwise because you’ll feel cold air pushing down on you as you stand under the fan.

Mistake #2: Using your ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms

First off, we have to debunk this common ceiling fan myth: “Ceiling fans lower the temperature of the room.”

That is false. The truth is, ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature, they just cool humans through the wind chill effect.

Basically, the wind chill effect works like this: As the fan moves air around and pushes it downward, it causes the moisture (sweat) on your skin to evaporate faster, which tricks your body into feeling cool—even though the temperature in the room is the same.

So if you leave your ceiling fan on and nobody is in the room, you’re actually wasting money.

How to fix this mistake:

Only use your ceiling fans when people are in the room.

Also, follow this pro tip: Turn up your thermostat 4° F while you’re using a ceiling fan. According to Energy.gov, you can actually raise your thermostat 4° F and feel just as comfortable if you’re using a ceiling fan.

Turning up your thermostat 4° F makes your AC work less, which means it uses less energy. And less energy = lower energy bills.

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