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Why High Velocity Air Conditioning (Small Duct Air Conditioning) Might Not Be Right For My Old Home?

Spring is the perfect time to consider having air conditioning installed in your older home. Whether you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul (St. Paul) the thought has probably crossed your mind. You may be new to your home or lived in it for years. Is this the year that I stop moving those window AC units from my basement and up to the top floors of my home? There must be a better solution for air conditioning than heavy and unsightly units!

One of the most common ways to cool an older home has been High Velocity Air Conditioning. This is sometimes referred to as “Small Duct Air Conditioning.” It received this name because it provides air conditioning to the various levels of your home through very small ducts while taking up very little space in the areas of which these small ducts are run.  

Here are the main benefits of High Velocity:

  • Even cool air flow throughout the home with consistent dehumidification
  • Small duct penetrations throughout home – ductwork does not consume a lot of space
  • Little visible evidence of air conditioning in an older home – aesthetically pleasing option
  • Little to no remodeling required to install air conditioning
  • All equipment is installed outside or in the attic space – not visible from within home living space

Why High Velocity might not be right for you or your home:

  • 10-25% more expensive to install than other options
  • Whistling noise from openings that provide cooling (it is called high velocity for a reason!)
  • Vibration and start-up noise in attic space above sleeping areas – can interrupt sleeping
  • Single temperature for the entire home – every bedroom will need to be the same temperature 

High cost of operating – the high velocity technology does not qualify for rebates because of the high cost of operation

​The decision to put air conditioning into your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. MSP is a company that is dedicated to making sure the solution you receive is the one that fits your needs best.  ​

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