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Top 5 Reasons Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioning is the better choice!

If you live in an older home or you're adding an addition onto your existing home, ductless air conditioning may be the best option for your house and your wallet. Mini-split air conditioners are sleek, require no major renovations, and are cost effective when compared to High-Velocity cooling systems. Here are the top 5 reasons a mini-split may be the best option for you home:

  • MSP Ductless A/C InstallationEase of installation! Mini-split, ductless air conditioners do not require intricate ductwork installation. There’s no major drywall work necessary and your house stays in tact! Small refrigerant tubing passes through your walls to connect the interior unit with the exterior system, all done with a 3-inch hole. A 3 INCH HOLE! That’s it! 
  • Sleek and Modern Look! Are you currently using a window air conditioner to cool your home? Tired of lugging that thing up the stairs every year and placing that bulge of equipment through one of your windows? Window air conditioning units are an eyesore. They also block natural light you would have had during the most beautiful time of the year. Mini split air conditioners are sleek and do not obstruct your view of the outdoors, which is why we have windows to begin with!
  • MSP Ductless A/C Peace & QuietPeace & Quiet! Tired of talking over that window AC unit in the living room? Mini split air conditioners produce significantly less noise and they also eliminate the needs for electrical cords running down the wall. Those two reasons alone will make many moms really happy when it comes to having small children in the home.
  • Efficiency! Traditionally, a mini split ductless system will cost you more upfront than a window unit (it will, however, cost you far less than a HighVelocity small duct system). But the mini split AC system will more than make up for it in energy costs. When you compare a ductless AC system to an average window unit, you’ll consume 40 percent less energy when cooling with a mini-split in the summer. Ductless systems are made to keep a constant temperature in the room unlike a window unit which continuously runs until you are too cold and turn it off or too hot and turn it back on.
  • MSP Ductless Heating & CoolingHeating & Cooling! One of the “coolest” features of a mini-split ductless air conditioning system is that you can Cool & Heat your home from this unit. This unit can easily adjust from cooling your home in the summer to heating your home in the winter with a simple flip of a switch. This is an extra benefit for those homeowners adding an addition to their home and need an efficient way to heat that space in the winter and cool the space in the summer. Year round comfort!