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The Damaging Effects Of Unfiltered Water

Water is at the center of all of our lives and can affect not only our overall health and well-being but the health of our home, which is why unfiltered water can leave behind a destructive path. One of the most common effects that come to mind when we think of unfiltered water is your drinking water, of course! However, there is a wide range of other damaging effects hard water can have on the well-being of our home and us. Let our team of experts explain!


woman washing hair

The contaminants in hard water like chlorine, calcium, and magnesium are anything but easy on your hair. The residue build-up on your hair from the contaminants blocks your scalp from receiving the moisture it needs, causing hair thinning and even breakage. You might think that the right shampoo & conditioner will help you, but nothing will be able to save your damaged hair when you are exposed to hard water every time you shower.


rashes on skin from unfiltered water

Hard water contains chemicals like iron, magnesium and calcium, that can leave a build-up of soap residue on your skin! This build-up can clog your pores, causing acne or even worse, eczema. If you already have pre-existing skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis, hard water can also increase your likelihood of flare-ups. If you don’t experience acne or eczema from the use of hard water, you will most likely experience dry, flaky skin, as it strips away the natural moisture from the skin.


clothing affected by unfiltered water

Hard water can make it difficult to get laundry clean because it prevents your detergent from easily mixing with your water! When soap does not lather properly during a wash cycle, soap scum can be left behind on your clothing. Wearing clothes that are not fully clean can sometimes lead to physical skin irritation like chafing and dryness. The harsh chemicals found in hard water, like chlorine, can also lead to the premature fading of colored clothing & can actually weaken fibers, leading to tearing and holes.

Appliances and Plumbing

appliances damaged by unfiltered water

Think about all of the appliances within our home that use water … the dishwasher, shower, faucets, water heater, and washer machine. All of these appliances can suffer the damaging effects of hard water! The pipes and valves within these systems can become clogged with chemical scale build-up, reducing water flow or causing leaks, resulting in having to replace your appliances prematurely! Additionally, scale buildup can increase your energy bills as your water heater and other appliances will have to work twice as hard to perform!

As you can see, the effects of unfiltered, hard water are endless! From causing damage to appliances within your home to wreaking HAVOC on your skin & hair, it’s no joke! So what’s the solution? First, it’s important to test your water to determine what contaminants are lurking in your home’s water supply! Then our team of water quality experts will help you pick the perfect water filtration or softener system that meets all of your household's wants and needs.