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Silly Mistakes That Cause Your Furnace to Shut Down

Silly Mistakes That Cause Your Furnace to Shut Down

Imagine this: You’re enjoying dinner with your family when suddenly you hear a horrible noise coming from your furnace then all goes silent.

Upon closer inspection, you find that your furnace has shut down (great).

It’s an unpleasant situation, yes, but it’s one that you could easily find yourself in if you make the following 3 silly (and all too common) mistakes…

Mistake #1: Not changing the filter

The typical furnace filter should be checked every 1-3 months. When it looks like the filter to the right, it should be replaced immediately.


Well, imagine trying to breathe with your hand over your mouth and nose. It’s a lot harder to perform simple tasks when you get less airflow, right? And eventually, you’d end up passing out, exhausted.

Well, your furnace is a lot like you. It needs to breathe. And when a clogged filter is restricting the air it can “breathe” in, it puts unnecessary strain on internal components, cutting years off its lifespan. 

Bottom line: eventually, a dirty filter will suffocate your furnace, forcing it to work harder and harder until it just conks out.

Mistake #2: Closing air vents

Keep your supply air vents open to prevent furnace breakdowns.

Myth: Closing air vents saves money.

Fact: Closing air vents increases energy bills and eventually causes the furnace to shut down.

Here’s why: Closing air vents increases the pressure inside your home’s air ducts. And that extra pressure puts strain on your furnace’s blower, which can cause it (and eventually other furnace components) to shut down.

And the worst part is before your furnace shuts down, you'll likely see other problems like:

  • Increased duct leakage
  • Decreased comfort
  • Higher energy use

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Mistake #3: Not scheduling annual maintenance

According to Energy.gov, annual maintenance prevents costly furnace breakdowns and repairs.

You see, when you have your furnace maintained every year before the heating season, a professional cleans and lubricates all components on your furnace. This reduces friction during operation that could cause damage. They’ll also pinpoint and correct small issues that could eventually lead to costly repairs and, ultimately, a furnace breakdown.

And better yet, regular maintenance can actually help you save on monthly energy bills. For example, during every maintenance visit, a tech will inspect and replace your furnace filter if needed, which can reduce your HVAC system's energy consumption by up to 15%.

Want to prevent a furnace breakdown? 

Schedule your furnace maintenance with us today. 

Furnace maintenance will keep your furnace running smoothly and it will cut down your monthly energy bills.

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