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Save Money with Proper Maintenance

Save Money with Proper Maintenance

Home maintenance is the easiest and overall best way to save big money. Small investments over time can prevent you from the large expenses of replacing entire systems or buying new appliances.

In Minnesota, maintenance is key for helping appliances run efficiently and effectively year round. Drastic temperature drops demand the utmost in performance from your systems, and proper servicing will keep them running at their best.

Beyond longevity, regular tune-ups reduce periodic breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower energy bills by up to 30%. While you have to pay for professional servicing, it will pay you back with better performance and overall savings.

What can you do between visits from professionals? Your trusted Twin Cities plumbers at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air have a few tips for proper maintenance:

  • Furnace: Keep your furnace clean by regularly removing dirt from the filter system, blower, and motor. Replace the filter periodically, and be sure to check the pilot light to ensure proper functionality.
  • Boiler: Examine vent connections and look for deterioration, including holes or cracks that might appear over time. Ensure that there are no water leaks from the heat exchanger and re-adjust controls for optimum levels of efficiency and heat.
  • Air conditioner: Remove debris from inside and around the unit, and clean and straighten the fins for optimal efficiency. Make sure that the entire unit is level. Be sure to periodically clean the evaporator coil as well as any potentially plugged evaporator drain, and change the blower filter at least twice a year.
  • Water heater: Add insulation around your water heater to reduce heat loss. Flush sediment from the tank and hang a viable anode rod to prevent interior rust.
  • Plumbing: Always be on the lookout for leaks, and repair small problems early. Make sure you know where the main shut off valve is as well as individual shut off valves for other water-using appliances. Take appropriate steps to prevent frozen pipes, and learn how to tackle small clogs yourself.

When it’s time to call in the professionals, depend on your local Minneapolis plumber for all of your maintenance needs. MSP Plumbing, Heating and Air’s Service Partner Plan takes the dread out of appliance servicing. Our comprehensive plan includes free service calls with priority scheduling and no emergency fees. The savings continue with a 10% discount on any service or repair work and a 5% discount on the installation of a new produce. If you move, the plan is transferrable to the new owners or portable to your new home.

Let our professional Saint Paul plumbers help you keep your home running efficiently and effectively. Give us a call to schedule your evaluation today: (651) 228-9200.

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