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Prevent Drain Clogs with a Spring Cleaning

Prevent Drain Clogs with a Spring Cleaning

Spring time is just around the corner, and with the change in seasons comes the hype for spring cleaning in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air wants to make sure your house is free of plumbing issues, such as drain clogs that could cause you added stress.

Here are some spring cleaning tips to prevent drain clogs in your home:

1.Pour hot water down the drain:

Best practice for keeping your drains unclogged is to pour boiling water down your drains once every one or two weeks in order to melt any grease, fat, hair, or soap scum buildup. If you want to take things a step further, pour vinegar down the drain as well. For best results, let it sit overnight before pouring boiling water in. Vinegar serves as a safe and effective cleaning agent that contains acetic acid, which aids in removing buildup in your pipes. In the event your sink is clogged and boiling water and vinegar do not seem to do the trick, contact your Twin Cities plumber to request clog repair services.

2.Clean drains and drain stoppers regularly:

It is surprising how quickly hair and soap scum can clump together and cause drains to back up your showers or bathtubs. Cleaning your drain stoppers regularly and installing a screen or drain-grate will minimize the buildup. Check your drain and remove any clumps of hair that have collected after bathing or showering. If you cannot reach the hair, you can purchase a pipe drain clog remover tool to stick down the drain, grab the hair, and pull it out to prevent further clogging.

3.Properly dispose of heavier paper products:

When items such as feminine products or large amounts of toilet paper are flushed down the drain, they absorb water, making them heavier and increasing the possibility of a clog in your piping system. The more often you flush heavier paper products, the more likely you will face a serious problem that could impact your entire system.

4.Have your septic tank inspected by a professional:

The most proactive way to prevent drain clogs in your home is to have your Twin Cities plumber snake your main sewer lines. It is best practice to clean these out every few years. This will allow you to remove any vegetation that has made its way into your pipes, freeing them from obstruction.

Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air offers services to assist you with your spring cleaning endeavors from clog repair to video inspection and complete rooter services. For more information about how we can a make spring cleaning easier for you, contact us today at (651) 228-9200.