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Plumbing or Heating Issues After A Home Inspection In MN? Maybe not.

We received a call from a St Paul, MN homeowner today saying that a home inspector she hired for the sale of their home claimed they had high carbon monoxide coming out of their furnace. A test done by one of our qualified hvac technicians found that the claim was untrue. Has this happened to you?

Home inspections are a common requirement when selling a home.  Either the seller or the buyer will desire to have one done.  Many parts of the home are checked and opinions are made by the inspector.  We usually get involved when issues are found with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or drain cleaning.  A home owner or potential buyer will call us to give a second opinion on what an inspector found.

We have found not all home inspections are the same and who you hire to do the inspection is critical to the report that you receive.  Here is some advice in selecting a home inspector.

  • What is their personal background with working on homes?
  • What training has they received to inspect homes?
  • Are they licensed and by who?
  • Are they affiliated with any contractors or is he independent?
  • How long does the inspection take?
  • Do they guarantee the work or assessments?
  • How well versed are they on the plumbing or mechanical code of the city that the home is located?

The customer who called us was very concerned about the results of their inspection.  They had a 5 year old furnace that the inspector said was emitting a large amount of carbon monoxide through the exhaust venting.  If correct,  this could be a costly expense to remedy.  Why was this error made?  Was it a result of not knowing how to read the testing equipment correctly or looking to make some extra money from a referral of work?

The moral of the this story is to get a second opinion from a licensed contractor regarding any costly repairs that are suggested.  The codes of each city are complicated and require constant training on.  A person who is inspecting everything can not be expected to be an expert on everything.  That is why the cities of St Paul and Minneapolis have separate inspectors for plumbing, mechanical, electrical and more.

You can call Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing Heating Air with any questions about your home inspection and to request a second opinion on results you received during your home inspection.