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Fans and Natural Ventilation

Fans and Natural Ventilation

Air conditioner systems and fans should complement each other when cooling your home, particularly during Twin Cities’ warmer months. You can use the fan to aid in proper ventilation and to cut costs on your utility bill. Many home services professionals, such as your trusted experts at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air, know a few tactics that take advantage of room and ceiling fans in conjunction with your home’s air conditioning units.

To develop a unified home cooling strategy, check out our best fan and natural ventilation tips.

  • You can actually increase your thermostat setting by up to 4 degrees without sacrificing comfort if you use a ceiling fan in conjunction.
  • Save energy by only using fans when you need it. Turn off the fan as you leave a room.
  • Use your bathroom fan while you take a shower or bath to decrease the heat and humidity.
  • Spot ventilation, or operating a fan near appliances creating heat, eliminates humidity and diminishes the need for an increased air conditioning output.
  • Frequently open your windows, especially at night. This cuts down on your need for fans and running AC units.

You can minimize the impact the rising summer temperatures has on your utility bill. Take advantage of your ceiling fans and windows to reduce the humidity in your home. You can also install a more energy efficient air conditioning system which will reduce your energy consumption and increase your savings. For more information on fans and natural ventilation, follow our blog for tips and updates. Contact the trusted Twin Cities professionals at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating and Air to learn more about your home cooling options.

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