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Cost To Replace AC Compressor In MN

If you need to replace your AC compressor in Minneapolis, you're likely worried about the cost. In general, installing a new compressor can cost anywhere from $900 to more than $3,000.

Given the cost, when you need a new compressor, it may be best to replace the entire AC system altogether. Let's take a look at what factors might impact the repair price, such as:

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Type of Compressor

There are three types of compressors commonly used in residential air conditioners — reciprocating, scroll, and rotary. When looking at AC compressor replacement cost, the type can dramatically impact how much you can expect to pay. Let's take a closer look at the options.

Reciprocating Air Conditioner Compressor

A reciprocating AC compressor is the traditional solution for home air conditioning. This type has the longest service history and offers solid durability and efficiency. When compared to other options, reciprocating compressors are a middle-of-the-road choice and typically cost between $400 and $1,000.

Scroll Air Conditioning Compressor

A scroll compressor is an innovative design that uses an orbiting motion around the central scroll to compress the refrigerant. It has very few moving parts, making it a long-lasting solution ideal for many cooling systems. These compressors are the most expensive option, priced between $500 and $1,500.

Rotary Air Conditioning Compressor

Rotary compressors are inexpensive and very quiet during operation. However, they don't offer the same durability you might get with one of the other options. Of course, with a price of $50 to $100, they're relatively inexpensive to replace as long as you're not paying for the labor.

Size and Capacity of the AC Unit

The size of an AC unit refers to its cooling capacity (tonnage). The higher the tonnage of your AC, the more it will cost to replace the compressor. Residential AC units are measured in tons and typically range from 1–5 tons, including half sizes (1.5 tons, 2.5 tons, etc.). Higher-ton AC units have more powerful compressors, so expect to pay closer to the high end of the repair range.

Model, Brand, and Warranty Status

The model of your air conditioner doesn't impact pricing dramatically. However, choosing between OEM and after-market parts certainly can. If you install a third-party compressor, you might save as much as half of the cost of the compressor, but only if your unit is out of warranty. If your unit is still under warranty, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the replacement part in full — and may also pay for labor — as long as you use name-brand parts.

The Contractor You Hire

Who you hire to replace your AC compressor significantly impacts your expenses. Labor makes up about half the cost when you need AC compressor replacement in Minneapolis. While you can probably find a company offering substantial discounts, you tend to get what you pay for.

You're better off hiring a qualified AC contractor who backs their service if something goes wrong. For this reason, we recommend you hire a company that:

  • Has been around for at least 10 years
  • Has good online reviews and a reputation for quality work
  • Has post-service guarantees

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How to Extend the Life of Your AC Compressor

The best AC compressor replacement is the one you don't need. If you make sure to change your air filters as recommended and get annual maintenance every year, your compressor could last for the entire life of the air conditioning system. In Minnesota, air conditioning units don't get the same workout they do in the South, so you could keep your compressor working for 15 years or more with the correct maintenance.

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