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Blame It on the Install?

Blame It on the Install?

Excitement over a shiny new appliance can quickly sour when problems emerge, not from the refrigerator, dishwasher, or toilet itself, but from an installation gone wrong.

It’s easy (and more convenient) to believe that professional installers will do their jobs perfectly, but more than one service call to fix a bad install has shown us that the opposite is true. To avoid unnecessary appliance repairs, make sure that the installation was done correctly by following these simple steps:

Upon Delivery… Immediately check the appliances for any visible defects. Reject anything with scratches, dents, or other damage. Contact the store manager to negotiate for a replacement model, and be sure to get all terms in writing, including delivery date of the new appliance.

After Delivery… After the appliances are installed, determine that they actually work. Before the installer leaves, make sure that the oven bakes and broils, the refrigerator cools, the stovetop burners burn, the icemaker makes ice, the washer washes, and the dryer dries. Look for leaks or other potential problems. If you discover a problem later, be sure to contact the store and demand a replacement.

Other Important Details… Initial awareness can save you from costly problems later. Look for these common issues when you have a new appliance installed:

  • Washing machine—Be sure that your washing machine is level and that it can steadily handle an unbalanced load. An improperly balanced washer can have a shorter operating life and cause flooding if the unit pulls too far away from the water supply.
  • Gas leaks—Ask the installers to check gas appliances for leaks before they leave.
  • Ovens—Confirm that anti-tipping devices are installed in ovens.
  • Hoses—Replace flimsy factory hoses for more durable options. Swap out the rubber water supply hoses for washing machines and dishwashers with stainless steel hoses. Replace the rubber or plastic water supply line for a refrigerator icemaker with a copper hose.

Finally, read the instruction manuals and properly clean your new appliances to keep them looking new and working well.

If you live in the Twin Cities and do suspect a faulty install, give us a call. Serving Minneapolis and Saint Paul for almost a century, we can make sure that your appliances are running their best.

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