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Benefits of a Heat Pump System

Benefits of a Heat Pump System

A heat pump system is a great alternative to your current inefficient boiler or air conditioner. A heat pump can cool your Twin Cities home in the summer, as well as heat it in the winter. Although heat pumps can be fueled by electricity and gas, electric powered systems are more common for residential spaces.

Heat pump efficiency is a result of the way it produces heat and air conditioning. In order to heat your home, the pump absorbs warmth from the surrounding area, multiplies it, and then pushes it back out. In comparison, to create a cooling effect the pump moves existing heat in your house outdoors, decreasing the overall temperature inside.

Although the efficiency of a heat pump is one of the most obvious benefits, there are also some other positives of using the system:

Reduces Dryness: Electric heat pumps do not produce dry air when heating, which reduces the need for a humidifier because moisture stays in the air.

Environmentally Friendly: In addition to efficiency, heat pumps also do not pollute the environment, which can happen with other systems during the combustion process.

Added Value: The numerous benefits – from efficiency to convenience – of a heat pump system only add to the overall value of your home.

The heat pump system has been around for years and has trusted and proven technology to effectively heat and cool your home. Due to increased emphasis on energy efficiency for many homeowners, heat pumps are gaining popularity and becoming an integral source for home comfort.

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