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Air Conditioning Mini Split Options for Homes with a Boiler

Well the first thing I can say is homeowners have more options on how to cool their home then they did say 12 years ago if they have radiant heat from a boiler system.
Which many older homes here in the Twin Cities fit this category. Not until the advent of the ductless mini split system has options really changed much.

These options included window air conditioning units that were typically noisy, bulky, and made your electric meter spin faster then Michael Johnson or Phyllis Joyner running the 100 meter dash. Not to mention they weren’t very effective at doing what an air conditioning system is meant to do, which is take the heat in the house and move it to the outside.

The other method is adding small tube duct work, also known as high velocity or run standard ductwork through your attic or basement and hooks it up to an evaporator coil that is connected to an outside air conditioning compressor. This is a perfectly fine system however this kind of system is not in everyone’s budget as building this architecture for either system does have significant up front costs.

The ductless mini splits that people are hearing about is basically taking that system and miniaturizing it to fit to single areas of the home. That is why you hear these systems have Asian manufacturer names like Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba to name just a few, as these are computer controlled heating and cooling systems.

Mini splits are now almost exclusively heat pumps now as well, which makes them great as you can many times delay start up of your boiler for the season by heating your home during those temperate days between fall and winter and conversely during winter and spring.

Mini splits fit almost anywhere and there are a number of different applications we can install them. However be aware like everything, this is not an inexpensive project. Your HVAC consultant can give you a rough idea what you’re looking at sometimes right over the phone so there are no surprises.

So if you want energy efficient cooling and you know the high velocity or adding full ductwork to your home isn’t feasible. A ductless mini split is a great choice for years of total comfort in your home. Really who doesn’t want to be comfortable in their own home?