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7 Holiday Foods Guaranteed to Clog Your Drain

7 Holiday Foods Guaranteed to Clog Your Drain

The guests are coming and you have a large meal to prepare. As you skin potatoes and carrots and discard turkey bones, you might be tempted to throw the waste down your drain.

After all, you’ve got a garbage disposal, so no harm done, right?

Not quite. Many of the delicious holiday foods you’re preparing should never go down the drain.

Even if they don’t clog your drain now, at some point they will become a problem. Here’s our list of foods that should never go down your drain.

1) Fat, oil and grease

Do not put any kind of oil down your drain, including grease and fat created from cooking. These liquids solidify in pipes, sticking to the edges and clogging your drains much the same way plaque can clog your arteries.

2) Bones of any kind

Whether you’re having turkey, chicken, ham or lamb, don’t put any of the bones down the drain! Large bones will just get stuck and small bones can damage your garbage disposal, leading to problems later.

3) Chicken skin

Do yourself a favor—don’t put chicken skin down the drain. The little pieces can stick to the garbage disposal’s blades and the sides of pipes, potentially leading to a clog. 

Also, when chicken skin begins decomposing in the pipes, it can make your kitchen foul-smelling. 

4) Potato skins

Potato skins are long and fibery. That gives them the perfect characteristics to wrap around your garbage disposal’s blades. If you’re peeling potatoes in the sink, use a strainer and throw the skins in the garbage when you’re done.

5) Carrot peels

See potato skins above. 

6) Egg shells

While you’re making grandma’s famous potato salad recipe, don’t throw those egg shells in the drain. Similar to potato skins and carrot peels, the stringy membrane on the inside of egg shells can wrap around garbage disposal blades and stick to the inside of pipes.

7) Anything en masse

Here’s the key: throw everything you can in the garbage rather than shoving it down the drain. (Think of your garbage disposal as a backup.) Your drains and disposal will thank you. Plus you won’t have to worry about clogged drains.

Also, instead of throwing food away, you can compost most food scraps and turn them into fertilizer to grow your own veggies!

We’re here if someone else clogs your drain

Now that you know better, we know you’ll never put these things down your drain. But if someone else does and clogs your drain, our plumbers are ready to help.

Just give us a call at (651) 315-8275 or contact us online.

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