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5 Tips for Reducing Water Usage

5 Tips for Reducing Water Usage

In Minneapolis, an average of 145 gallons of water is used per day by both businesses and homeowners. Of that amount, about 40 percent of it goes towards residential purposes, with the average household consuming approximately 70 gallons in a single day. While this number is less than the national average, reducing water usage is always a good idea to lower your energy bill and benefit the environment.

Below are five ways you can reduce water usage in your Twin Cities home:

1.Be conscious of water use: Personal efforts are a great, easy first step to reduce water usage. Simple measures like taking shorter showers, only running the dish and clothes washers with full loads, and limiting running water while in the kitchen and bathroom can go a long way.

2.Install water-saving fixtures and shower heads: It takes advanced technology and engineering to go the extra step in reducing water usage. By installing WaterSense and ENERGYSTAR® products such as faucets, shower heads and other appliances, you can greatly reduce your monthly utility bills.

3.Consider a new toilet: Of all residential systems, a toilet is easily the main source of water use, accounting for nearly 30 percent of residential indoor consumption. Some older units, even though time-tested, can use nearly four gallons per flush. By upgrading to a WaterSense or ENERGYSTAR system, you can save thousands across the lifespan of a toilet.

4.Inspect or replace your water heater: Heating a home, especially in the Twin Cities, can account for a significant amount of a household’s utility bill. Having a professional inspect your current system can determine if your water heater can be improved with insulation, or if it needs to be replaced with a more energy efficient unit.

5.Identify and fix all leaks: A small drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day, leading to unwanted spikes in utility bills. Having a professional plumber conduct a thorough home plumbing inspection can help identify any and all leaks in your home. Some pipes can drip unbeknownst to a homeowner, which can also lead to costly structural damage.

There are many ways to optimize a home in the Twin Cities, including reducing water usage to lower utility bills. While individual measures can make a difference, it takes the professional touch of trusted plumbers to make a big impact. To find out how much water you can save, contact the pros at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air today at (651) 228-9200.