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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Water Heater

At MSP, we understand the crucial role your water heater plays in providing warmth and comfort, especially during the chilly winters here in Minnesota. COMMITTED to your comfort, we're here to share five essential tips to help you maintain your water heater, ensuring it remains a reliable source of warmth for you and your family.

tech flushing water heater

1. Flush Your Water Heater

Flushing your water heater is an essential maintenance task that helps remove sediment buildup and ensures the efficient operation of the appliance. Schedule regular flushing to eliminate sediment buildup in your tank, enhancing efficiency and preventing potential issues.

tech checking relief valve

2. Check Your Pressure Relief Valve

Your safety is our priority. Ensure the pressure relief valve is in top condition by performing annual maintenance. This quick check guarantees that your water heater is equipped to handle pressure efficiently, giving you peace of mind. If you have any concerns, MSP is here for you, ready to assist in valve replacements or any necessary adjustments.

water leaking from water heater

3. Check For Leaks or Corrosion

Regularly inspect your water heater for leaks and signs of corrosion. Early detection allows our team to address any problems swiftly, preventing damage and ensuring your water heater's longevity.

Checking tempature

4. Check the Temperature

Periodically check the temperature of your water heater. Set it to the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the perfect balance of comfort and safety. Our team at MSP is here to guide you through the process, ensuring your water heater operates at its optimal temperature for a comfortable, relaxing shower or bath.

tech doing a water heater tuneup

5. Schedule A Water Heater Tune-Up

Don't forget to schedule a professional water heater tune-up. Regular maintenance by our skilled technicians ensures your water heater is in peak condition. MSP offers comprehensive tune-up services to keep your system running efficiently and catch potential issues before they become major problems.

As your dedicated plumbing provider in Minnesota, MSP is committed to your comfort. Following these five tips will not only keep your water heater in top shape but also contribute to a warm and comfortable shower or bath for you and your family. At MSP, we are here for you, offering expert guidance and assistance whenever you need it. Your comfort is our priority, and we're honored to be your partner in ensuring your hot water remains a reliable source of warmth all year round.