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5 Easy Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

5 Easy Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Due to the region’s location, the Twin Cities tends to see a wide range of temperatures and climates throughout the year. In the summer months, temperatures average in the lower 80s during the day and drop to the mid-60s in the evening. This fluctuation can have a profound effect on a home’s air system as the constant cycling can result in costly bills.

In an effort to lower your summer energy bills and the risk of unwanted repairs, here are five easy ways to cut down costs associated with your home:

1.Use your windows at night: With average lows in the 60s during the summer, Twin Cities’ homeowners can save by simply shutting down their air conditioning system in the evenings and opening up windows for air flow. When you wake up in the morning, closing the windows and blinds can help capture the cooler air so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as much throughout the day.

2.Utilize fans: Ceiling fans are a great complement to an air conditioning system, as with them, you can typically raise your thermostat setting by four degrees while still maintaining comfort. Ventilation fans can also help reduce cooling costs by removing heat and humidity in bath and laundry rooms that can trigger an unnecessary cycle of your air conditioner.

3.Keep hot air outside: A properly maintained air ducting system can help reduce costs during the summer by keeping hot air outside. Make sure any cracks or openings in your ducting are properly sealed, and if your system isn’t cleaned regularly, your air conditioner might have to work overtime to maintain a certain temperature.

4.Install a programmable thermostat: The control center for your home cooling system is the thermostat, and installing an advanced one can help maximize your efficiency. With programmable units, you can control your system on the fly from your smartphone or set it to begin cooling an hour before you arrive home from work, substantially lowering your energy bill.

5.Inspect your cooling system: The U.S. Department of Energy recommends homeowners have their cooling systems regularly inspected and maintained in order to optimize efficiency, and with help from trusted professionals, you can rest assured all vital components are operating at peak performance.

Lower cooling costs during the summer is easily attainable by taking simple steps to maximize home efficiency. Working with a Twin Cities heating & air conditioning professional can complement your personal efforts to create an efficient, cool and comfortable home. To find out more, contact the pros at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air today at (651) 228-9200.

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