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3 Winter Thermostat Mistakes That Cost You Money

3 Winter Thermostat Mistakes That Cost You Money

Nobody wants high energy bills, especially during the expensive holiday season.

Luckily, you can cut down your heating system’s energy usage by changing the way you use your thermostat.

We’ll share 3 winter thermostat mistakes to avoid, and how you’ll save money by avoiding them:

  1. Leaving your fan set to ON
  2. Turning the thermostat all the way up to heat your home faster
  3. Not adjusting your thermostat when you leave the house

We’ll go into more detail about each of these mistakes...

Mistake #1: Leaving your fan set to ON

Your thermostat has 2 settings that control the blower motor in your heating system: ON and AUTO (pictured below).

Setting your thermostat to ON means that the blower on your furnace or heat pump will run non-stop, even when your heating system isn’t actually heating your home’s air.

On the other hand, when you set your thermostat to AUTO, the blower in your heating system will only run while the furnace or heat pump is actually heating your home’s air. So when your thermostat detects your room has reached your desired temperature, it will automatically shut off the blower, cutting down your energy usage and saving you money.

You can learn more about the difference between ON and AUTO by reading our blog article, “ON vs AUTO: One of These Thermostat Settings Costs You More Money.”

Mistake #2: Turning the thermostat all the way up to heat your home faster

When you come home after a really cold day, you may be tempted to crank the thermostat temperature super high, thinking your heating system will work faster to heat your home.

But here’s the thing: Turning the thermostat higher doesn’t make your system work faster. It actually has the opposite effect—your heating system will work longer to reach that high temperature.

You see, heat pumps and furnaces are designed to heat your home at a fixed pace—regardless of temperature. So if you set your thermostat really high, it will just extend the length of the heating cycle.

And the longer your heating system has to work to heat your home, the more energy it consumes.

So instead of raising your thermostat to a really high temperature, just set your thermostat to your normal desired temperature. That way, your heating system won’t waste extra energy heating your home to a temperature that’s too high for comfort.

Mistake #3: Not lowering your thermostat when you leave the house

Many homeowners just leave their thermostat set to the same temperature all day—even when they are out of the house.

But not lowering your thermostat before you leave for work wastes money because you’re paying for heat you’re not using.

Here’s our recommendation: Lower your thermostat 8° to 10° F before you leave the house for 8 hours or more. According to the Department of Energy, doing so can save you 10% on your monthly energy bills.

Want to skip the hassle of manually lowering your thermostat every day?

Consider installing a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can set a daily heating schedule that will automatically adjust to your routine so you don’t have to constantly tinker with your thermostat every time you leave for work.

Want to save money this holiday season?

Schedule a system tune-up.

We’ll make sure your heating system, including your thermostat, is in good shape and ready to handle the coming holidays.

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