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3 AC Problems You’ll Face if You Wait Any Longer for Maintenance

Nobody wants AC trouble—especially in the middle of summer.
Thankfully, getting an AC tune-up now can save you the hassle of pricy AC trouble down the road
The ideal time to get AC maintenance is in the spring, before the cooling season hits in full swing. But if you didn’t get your AC checked then, you can always do it now—it’s always better late than never.
If you schedule AC maintenance now, you’ll avoid these 3 common AC problems:

  • Wasting money on high energy bills
  • Breakdowns when you need your AC the most
  • Difficulty scheduling an appointment

 In this article, we’ll go over each of these 3 common problems and why you’ll save time and money when you schedule AC maintenance now. Let’s start with $$$...

AC problem #1: Wasting money on high energy bills

Did you know that just getting an annual AC check-up can cut your monthly energy bill down by 15%? If your average energy bill is $110 in the summer, that means you’ll save about $16.50 a month.
You get those savings because during an annual check-up, your technician inspects and cleans parts like coils and filters that get clogged and worn down with use. When these parts are working properly, your entire AC system runs efficiently.
An efficient air conditioning system conserves energy. When your AC doesn’t have to use as much power, you save money on your monthly energy bill. And who doesn’t want a little extra money to spend during the summer?

AC problem #2: Breakdowns when you need your AC the most

Nobody wants to be in this situation: You’re sitting in your house, relaxing and sipping some sweet iced tea, when suddenly, you hear the AC sputter and then die. 
Luckily, you don’t have to be in that situation because an AC tune-up can help prevent the majority of breakdown problems. Your AC technician will inspect your system for any breakdown-related issues, like refrigerant leaks, dirty coils/filters, sensor problems and electrical malfunctions.
Contact a trusted AC expert to perform an annual check-up—it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to breakdowns!

AC problem #3: Difficulty scheduling an appointment

Let’s say you do have a breakdown, or your AC isn’t cooling your home very well. The first thing you do is try to schedule an appointment with an AC repair contractor. 
But because so many other  homeowners are in your same boat, the demand for AC repairs often exceeds a contractor’s ability to meet everyone’s needs in a timely manner. So you have to wait until the contractor can fit you into their schedule. 
But when you schedule a tune-up early, you have more scheduling options (the time of day you want, the tech your prefer, etc.) so that you get the service you need on your schedule.

What does a technician look for in an annual check-up, anyway?

Good question! During a tune-up, your AC professional should look for…

  • Wear and tear on your motors
  • Faulty wiring and connections
  • Low refrigerant levels and leaks
  • A malfunctioning compressor
  • A broken thermostat
  • Clean air filters 

You can use this checklist to make sure the contractor you hire checks for all of those AC issues. 
Not sure how to choose a good contractor? Read our article about what makes a heating/cooling contractor qualified.

Also, check out customer reviews on websites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook, ReviewBuzz and Google to get a gauge on the quality of a company’s service.

Need a trustworthy professional to check your AC?

Contact MSP Air to schedule your AC tune-up today. One of our certified experts will visit your home and make sure your air conditioner is running in tip-top shape.

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