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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Efficiently Heat and Cool Your Home All Year Long

Tired of an inefficient furnace, boiler or air conditioner and looking for an alternative? Heat pumps are air conditioners that can also work in reverse, heating your home in the winter as well as cooling your home in the summer.

Benefits of a heat pump:

  • Extremely energy efficient – Unlike other methods of electric heat, heat pumps are extremely efficient.
  • Works year 'round – Want a heater that can also cool your Minneapolis or St. Paul-area home in the summer? A heat pump does just that.
  • Proven technology – Though only recently gaining in popularity, heat pumps have been around for years and use trusted, proven technology to heat and cool your home.
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Why can’t you show me the price before coming to my home?

There are just too many options. Before providing an accurate quote, we have to know how big your home is, how efficient you’d like your new furnace to be, how well your home is insulated now, and much more. If we guessed at this, the quote could be much more or less than the actual cost. However, if you’re looking for a very rough estimate, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you better understand the costs involved.

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Heat Pumps

Flexible heating finance options

Purchasing a new heater and need more flexible payment options? Minneapolis St. Paul Heating has partnered with local financial institutions to offer you affordable plans to meet your budget. See your financing options.


Just need a heating repair?

Is your current heat pump or furnace not working (or working poorly)? We repair all makes and models of heaters. Give us a call at 651-789-0628 or schedule your repair online.