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This Easy Brain Hack Helps You Stay Warm

This Easy Brain Hack Helps You Stay Warm

Feeling cold?

We have a simple solution: think nostalgic thoughts.

A recent study shows humans tend to think nostalgic thoughts in cold temperatures, and those nostalgic thoughts actually make us feel warmer.

Sounds incredible? Well, it’s actually true. The researchers found the same results in 5 separate clinical studies.

When we think of happy memories, our brain “recreates” the comfort of those emotions, which makes us perceive that we are (or the temperature around us is) warmer.

Let’s take a closer look on how our brains process nostalgia and 7 simple activities you can do to feel nostalgic.

The science of nostalgia: how it affects our brains

So how exactly does nostalgia make you feel warmer?

Experts suggest that it could have something to do with how your brain stores memory and emotions related to warmth.

Let’s use a specific nostalgic memory as an example: opening presents during your favorite childhood Christmas.

Soon after you first unwrapped those Christmas presents, neurotransmitters (the brain’s little chemistry messengers) transferred that memory to the hippocampus for long-term storage.

Because that memory was stored during a time of heightened emotion (excitement, happiness), the imprint it made on your brain was more powerful than other trivial childhood moments.

Now, years later, when you remember opening Christmas presents, your brain’s emotional center (the amygdala) activates, which allows you to experience those same emotions in real time.

And these strong emotions, especially love and happiness, make you feel warm all over your body.

So that’s what goes on in your brain when you think of a nostalgic memory. Having trouble remembering nostalgic moments? We have you covered with 7 easy tasks:

7 activities to make you feel nostalgic

Not sure how to trigger nostalgia? Try these 7 simple exercises:

  1. Look at old personal or family photographs
  2. Listen to your favorite music
  3. Meditate
  4. Call an old friend
  5. Look at family heirlooms or antiques
  6. Watch one of your favorite movies
  7. Read a favorite book

If you don’t feel warm enough after trying these activities, it could mean you have another problem: a broken home heating system!

Nostalgia is great—but it won’t help if your furnace breaks

While nostalgia can give you a nice warmth boost, it won’t amount to much if your furnace breaks down. That’s where preventative maintenance helps. 

Contact MSP for a furnace tune-up so we can prevent pricy furnace problems.

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