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Checking Your Home Boiler System

Checking Your Home Boiler System

For many homes in the Twin Cities area, boiler systems are an integral component of the heating system. Unlike furnaces, these devices use hot water to heat a home (known as a hydronic system) and heat water to approximately 180 degrees before circulating it through pipes. When the heated water meets radiators or radiant tubing, it produces steam and heats your home.

Like other parts of the northern U.S., many homes in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas rely on home boiler systems for heat. Given the region’s extended winter season, these systems tend to work harder than usual. Traditional gas boilers are expected to last, at most, 15 years. This means your system could be due for service or a replacement.

At Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air, our technicians are experts in home heating for the Twin Cities area and can pinpoint trouble areas with ease. Here are some key things to look for if you think your boiler might not be operating at peak efficiency:

  • General heating and hot water issues: If your home is having trouble with heating both water and air, your boiler might be on its last leg. Since this system pulls double duty, having these two issues simultaneously is a surefire indicator of a bad boiler.
  • The boiler room or boiler itself is hot all the time: Boilers are designed to save money and energy when heating needs are low, but if your energy bill fails to fall during off seasons or if your boiler room is hot all year long, your system may have high idle losses.
  • Discolored pilot light: Gas boilers use a pilot light, which is a gas flame to heat water. When a unit is working as it should, the flame will be blue. If yours is yellow or orange, then your boiler will need to be replaced.

Maintaining your boiler system is paramount to the overall health of your home. Regardless of whether your system is gas or electric, the professionals at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air can repair it. If you’d rather replace your system or upgrade to an electric unit, MSP employs NATE-certified technicians who offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all installations and repairs. For more information, call us at 651-228-9200 or schedule a repair online.

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