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Air Sealing & Cost Savings

Air Sealing & Cost Savings

Filtering outdoor air helps improve indoor air quality, but an air leak can cause continuous air flow between the outside and inside your home, which can rack up your Xcel bill. Air sealing can provide benefits for both your home and your wallet. How exactly do you benefit from proper air sealing in your Twin Cities home?

The professionals at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air can help you reduce the amount of airflow in and out of your home and cut costs on your overall cooling expenses.

First, air sealing can make your air conditioning system more efficient. Your air conditioning system never meets its target temperature if the air it just cooled leaves your home. Your system constantly runs as it strives to reach your thermostat settings. Windy weather can amplify the problem by allowing too much outside air to enter. With proper air sealing, the air flow is controlled and so is your system’s output.

Continuous air flow is not an effective method of air ventilation. Back to the topic of air quality, ventilating outside air into your home does indeed provide you with a higher air quality, yet without systematic ventilation, all insects, bacteria and other pollutants are welcomed to your home. Systematic ventilation allows you to filter or purify the air entering your home.

When considering air sealing for your home, DIY methods can end up costing you more than trusting an air sealing expert. The professional home services experts at Minneapolis Saint Paul Plumbing, Heating & Air will provide your family with the best air sealing methods for your home and your budget. Contact us with all your air sealing questions and one of our trusted team experts will walk you through the process. 

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